Because there is no margin for error in prescription delivery, SDS Rx has developed a three- point process based on:

  • Discipline
  • Technology
  • Proven Solutions
Disciplined Operation
When delivering medication, there is no room for error. Which is why we have built an operating culture around proven discipline within a delivery environment. The discipline to measure daily results and hold ourselves accountable to our customers needs is how we do it better.

Industry Leading Technology
Having information visible, in an easy to use dashboard provides immediate awareness of issues, trends and opportunities within your delivery environment. Visibility of information at the point of need, allows us to trap it, act on it, become accountable for change and measure the pending results. Information drives our continuous improvement. Our ability to measure results daily is what keeps our solutions sustainable. Industry-leading scanning and electronic signature capture keeps us on target. We pass that electronic data seamlessly back to you so you have all the answers you need when speaking to your customers, prospects or auditors.

Proven Solutions
At SDS Rx we bring a solutions-driven culture to each customer. What that means is that we don’t monitor your delivery environment, we manage it. We don’t wait for you to ask us to make improvements. We bring ideas to you that enable you to reduce your costs, enhance service to the patients, caregivers or pharmacies that support your business. We believe that the world of healthcare is moving very quickly and we must bring innovative ideas to lead the industry.