SDS Rx How We Do It

How We Do It Better

Our proven best practices and leading-edge technology ensure that our customers receive the highest level of flexibility, cost-efficiency and access to the data that enables us to continuously improve performance.

We build an adaptable delivery network that is 100% dedicated to your business without physical constraints.

Our customers experience immediate cost reduction upon transition. As well as ongoing and continuous cost containment throughout our relationship.

From the very beginning, SDS Rx has always maintained a technological edge in the marketplace, providing our healthcare clients with the industry’s highest levels of assurance and proof of performance. Click here to take a Deep Dive into our data collection and monitoring capability.

The independent contractors who provide service to the SDS Rx customer are highly motivated, carefully qualified, thoroughly vetted and closely monitored for their precision, professionalism and punctuality.

All drivers are:

  • Either incorporated or a Limited Liability Company
  • Fully-insured
  • Badged and uniformed