Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the average turnaround time from contracted date to implementation?
    Depending on a variety of factors including location, size, and IT requirements, SDS Rx requires 4-6 weeks for a thorough onboarding and implementation of our services. This time allows us to assure a smooth transition from your current solution without any interruption in service.
  • Are drivers in the SDS Delivery network branded?
    SDS Rx customers have the opportunity to either brand the drivers who serve you with your healthcare identity or that of SDS Rx.
  • Can we expect any disruption in the pharmacy flow when switching to SDS Rx?
    None at all. SDS Rx has a proven implementation plan that mitigates the risk of transition and assures expectations are met on day one. Our dedicated Director of Implementation leads and directs all aspects of transition.
  • I run a fleet of employee drivers in my vehicles. Will outsourcing save me money?
    Most of our customers had been operating their own fleets prior to transitioning to SDS Rx. Not only have we met their cost expectations, but in many cases we also leveraged our expertise to further reduce costs via route optimization, consolidation and reduced clerical and administrative time.
  • We’ve always employed our own drivers. If I change, will I lose control of my fleet?
    Absolutely not. SDS Rx diligently orientates drivers to follow your SOPs, and within days of transitioning to SDS Rx, your delivery operation will be entirely under your control.
  • Will my customers/patients see a different driver every day?
    No. The drivers we recruit are fully vetted delivery professionals whose sole mission is to deliver your medication accurately, timely and courteously. As independent contractors, they succeed when you do. They are a dedicated resource to your pharmacy, specifically recruited to handle your needs, with no other clients’ freight on-board, and no conflicting priorities. We strive for low turnover and consistency, and we deliver on that promise.
  • How do you charge? By the stop? By the hour, etc.?
    In addition to providing flexible delivery resources, we also offer our customers the choice of a variety of billing methodologies. Many factors go into determining which is the right method for your organization, such as variability of day-to-day delivery points. Some common pricing practices include: Flat rate per route (for consistent routes), by the stop (within a defined geography), combination by-the-mile and per-stop (great for dynamic routes).
  • What about my after-hours orders? Without employee drivers, how will they be handled?
    SDS Rx drivers are available for after-hours orders (i.e. STAT orders) in order to provide full service to our customers.
  • Inclement weather is coming. Do you guys deliver in the snow, rains, winds and other weather-related areas?
    We have decades of experience in the delivery business for healthcare clients and patients. One of the keys to tackling difficult weather is communication and planning ahead. Working together, we determine the best plan to ensure safe and timely transportation to your patients—come what may.
  • Will drivers come back to the pharmacy, lab or hospital at the end of each route?
    Our routes begin and end at your desired location, so if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get.