Streamlining Delivery Management for Long-Term Care Pharmacies

Streamlining Delivery Management for Long-Term Care Pharmacies

A new strategic alliance between SoftWriters and SDS Rx streamlines the delivery process for long-term care pharmacies; providing the ability to simplify compliance, increase efficiency, and enhance patient care.

SDSRX & Softwriters

The SDS Rx and SoftWriters strategic alliance is redefining the landscape of long-term care pharmacy operations by seamlessly integrating SDS Rx’s cutting-edge technology with SoftWriters’ renowned long-term care pharmacy management software.

This collaboration is designed to streamline the delivery process for long-term care pharmacies, providing unparalleled benefits to our valued clients.

Key Benefits of the Integration

  1. Enhanced Accountability and Compliance
    The integration enables seamless exchange of Proof of Delivery (POD) data at the packing slip level, track delivery schedules, and confirm delivery status in real-time.
  2. Improved Efficiency
    By associating POD data at the prescription level in FrameworkLTC, the delivery process becomes more accurate and efficient. This not only streamlines operations but also contributes to a more accurate and error-free delivery process.
  3. Elevated Patient Care
    The synergistic combination of SDS Rx’s advanced technology and SoftWriters’ premier software empowers long-term care pharmacies to manage the delivery process with unprecedented precision and accuracy. This results in minimized errors and enhanced patient safety.

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    A Message from the CEOs

    “Our cutting-edge technology and logistics expertise combined with SoftWriters’ industry-leading software will revolutionize the way long-term care pharmacies operate.”
    Drew Kronick, CEO of SDS Rx

    By leveraging our collective strengths, we can offer a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs and challenges of long-term care pharmacies.”
    Scott Beatty, President of SoftWriters

    Experience the power of seamless integration – choose SoftWriters and SDS Rx for unparalleled excellence in long-term care pharmacy services.

    Benefits of partnering with SDS Rx

    for your Long-Term Care (LTC), Post-Acute, Specialty & Home Care Needs

    • Seamless integrations with FrameworkLTC, QS/1, and SuiteRx providing enhanced POD and chain of custody documentation
    • Same-day delivery with cost reduction through our unique logistics service model
    • Instant access to real-time dashboards for cost and performance metrics
    • On-site management provided by local operating teams & 24/7 US-based service team
    • Rapid one-hour incident response with exclusive TruView® technology