SDSRx Healthcare Logistic Experts

Healthcare Logistic Experts

Optimize The Cost of Your Logistics

while Increasing Accuracy, Consistency,& Transparency

From medication to labs to supplies and devices, the lives of your patients and the quality of care you provide depend on knowing exactly what you have, where it is, and when it’s going to arrive at its destination. Cost-cutting initiatives alone risk sacrificing quality and value.

You need a partner who has the tools & experience to bring efficiency into your delivery environment.

We are Reliable, Trusted Healthcare Delivery Experts Specializing in:

Long-Term Care (LTC)

(Post-Acute, Specialty & Home Care)

  • Seamless integrations with FrameworkLTC, QS/1, and SuiteRx providing enhanced POD and chain of custody documentation
  • Same-day delivery with cost reduction through our unique logistics service model
  • Instant access to real-time dashboards for cost and performance metrics
  • On-site management provided by local operating teams & 24/7 US-based service team
  • Rapid one-hour incident response with exclusive TruView® technology

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Health Systems/IDN

(Hospital Pharmacy, Labs, Hospice & Specialty)

  • Enhanced cost savings with optimized logistics assessment & analysis
  • Real-time visibility and reporting through sophisticated dashboards
  • Reliable, patient-focused service ensures accurate, on-time deliveries & eliminates lost shipments
  • 24/7 dedicated support with one-hour incident response time
  • Scalable delivery network creates an agile distribution model

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Radiopharmaceutical and Precision Medicine

(Pharmacy, Air Freight & Line Haul)

  • Over 45 years of reliable expertise in time-sensitive deliveries, with an impeccable 99.9% incident-free record
  • Holds the USDOT special permit 8308 for transporting shipments over 50 T.I.
  • Compliant with all 49CFR requirements for Class 7 deliveries moving White I, Yellow II & Yellow III
  • Security Threat Assessment (STA) certified professionals with van, box truck & tractor trailer capabilities
  • Complete visibility and accountability with piece-level tracking, scanning, photo capture, and full chain of custody documentation

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Benefits of Partnering with SDS Rx




& Accuracy


Direct Support &

Real time



to Scale

Real-Time Visibility & Management of your Logistics Program

Advanced Scanning and Real-Time Tracking

  • Audit scanning at pick-up and delivery
  • Electronic chain of custody and proof of delivery including:
    • Signature capture
    • Photo confirmation
    • Geolocation data
  • Event based push notifications

Online Order Management, Communication and Reporting Portal

  • Bi-Directional interfacing expertise
  • Access to real-time performance KPI’s
  • Proprietary Ticketing and Incident Reporting application
  • API capability to support custom invoicing and reporting requirements

See What Others Are Saying

"I must say the decision to switch to your company has been one of the best I’ve made."
– SVP Pharmacy Services –
"What’s not to like about SDS Rx? You’re professional, courteous, and always accessible."
– Pharmacy Owner –
"Thanks for being tireless throughout. Your efforts this week were amazing. You know I thought my job was crazy with unheard of hours. I feel like I have banker's hours compared to you guys."
– Distribution Center Manager –
"Our driver walked a mile in a snowstorm to complete his delivery, then a mile back to wait for a tow truck."
– Operations Manager –