Transforming Healthcare Delivery and Efficiency with SDS Rx

In today’s financially challenging healthcare landscape, cost savings and efficiency are crucial. With pharmaceuticals, lab specimens, med/surg supplies, and medical devices constantly moving around your network, there is an opportunity to take out significant costs and drive efficiency with SDS Rx.

At SDS Rx, we specialize in creating a clinically integrated delivery network that seamlessly fits within your existing structure. With our tools, capabilities, and experience, we can enhance patient care while unlocking substantial savings.

Here are some scenarios where we have seen tremendous success:

  • Providers with a centralized warehouse or purchasing items through the acute class of trade to take advantage of cost savings and need to redistribute inside their health system network
  • Providers interested in self-distribution models, ensuring reliable and timely supply distribution.
  • Providers expanding with alternate sites of care, such as infusion centers, surgery centers, and physician offices.
  • Providers needing seamless solutions for patient deliveries, supporting the shift towards home-based care and continuity of care.

Collaborating with SDS Rx elevates patient care standards while optimizing your hospital’s last-mile distribution. Achieve cost savings, drive efficiency, and improve patient care by reaching out to us today.


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