Don’t take our word for it. Learn about our track record of satisfying customers firsthand—in their words.

“Surveyor was very impressed with the SDS driver, the check-in process and hand held scanner. But was extremely impressed that the driver carried Hand Sanitizer in her car and uses it prior to each delivery. Surveyor commented on the professionalism of the SDS driver.
– V.P. of Pharmacy Operations

“Just want to say thank you for our smooth transition here. I believe you have addressed many of the driver’s concerns, which were neglected by the previous delivery service. My team has noticed a boost in driver moral since the conversion. SDS’s onsite management staff has been very supportive in driving change within the drivers.
– Distribution Center Manager

“During a snowstorm that enveloped much of our area we had a driver who went above and beyond what was called for given the circumstances. His vehicle slid off the road on the way to his last stop, sustaining damage to the front end, and a tow truck was needed to pull him out and tow him back. Instead of bringing the drugs back to the pharmacy, he walked in the snowstorm one mile to complete the last delivery and one mile back to his vehicle to wait for the tow truck.”
– Pharmacy Operations Manager

“Whatever you said to the drivers about these new stores, please know it has come back threefold and is much appreciated. Keep up the great work and please pass this “thank you” on to our driver as it is important to know that what you do each day is recognized and truly appreciated by all involved.”
– Pharmacy Owner

“I wanted to pass along some positive feedback about (OUR DRIVER) from the (LTC CLIENT). The Administrator told me that the staff absolutely loves him. They say he is polite, timely, and very professional. They also appreciate that your independent driving contractors are in uniform.
– Facility Manager

“I will always promote your company. What’s not to like about SDS Rx? You’re professional, courteous, and always accessible.”
– Pharmacy Owner

Wanted to let you know what a wonderful job your staff is doing. In just about every business, and mine is no exception, you only hear about the negatives, the issues, the problems from customers. Usually, the customer never goes out of their way to inform you when things are running smoothly. Well things are running great thanks to you and your staff. We have been together for a number years and I can truly say up until now, it has been a great partnership.
– Pharmacy General Manager

“It’s been about two and a half years since we switched to your services and I wanted to say that we are very pleased with the change. Your crew is very willing to work with our staff and has shown extreme flexibility in working with us through our new pharmacy build and move.  Recently we’ve seen an increased effort in assisting us in decreasing our courier related expenses, which is much appreciated.  Your on-site management team truly understands customer service and always does everything within their powers to do right by us.  Thanks for working with us throughout our move and in assisting us in driving down our costs, you are great partners to do business with.
– Pharmacy VP, General Manager