Below are common questions and answers about SDS Rx; who we are, what we do and what makes us different.

Does SDS Rx have locations in my area/city/state?

At SDS Rx we operate on a National platform. Whether you are in Tupelo MS or Dallas TX, or New York, we offer dedicated solutions to meet your needs. We do not co-mingle your totes/bags with others; we do not deliver office products/auto parts/banks/etc. We are 100% focused on the healthcare market. Our only priority is your success

What is the SDS Rx typical pricing methodology?

We offer a flexible pricing structure. We can price by route, by stop, by mileage, or any combination thereof.

Do you offer delivery services just for my STATs?

No, our dedicated delivery solution is designed to offer our pharmacies a turnkey solution to their delivery needs servicing their routes and stats. We would not service only your stat deliveries

What type of information do you need from me in order for you to give me pricing options?

We need to understand what your pharmacy looks like today. If we can look at a week’s worth of data that gives us—stops, miles, release times, delivery times, we can then conduct an analysis. Our Route Engineers have put together a “Data Discovery” tool to help you get us the right data

Will SDS Rx co-mingle my deliveries with the pharmacy down the street?

NO! Our model is a dedicated one. One of our major objectives is to extend your brand to your customers. Your nurses/patients/ caregivers get to know their drivers because they are committed to your pharmacy.

How will SDS Rx manage our delivery environment?

We feel it is critical to manage every aspect of the delivery process. That is why at SDS Rx we manage every release and every route. We do this either through dedicated onsite management or through our state of the art “Video Dispatch Management” system (VDM). Our drivers have a face-to- face meeting to ensure they are prepared for success

How long will it take SDS Rx to take over our delivery operations?

Our typical implementation timeline is six weeks. Our detailed, collaborative implementation process combines a task specific project management planner with full resource accountability. This is a proven process with a documented history of seamless transitions

If I am currently running an employee based delivery model with my own vehicles and own drivers, will you buy my cars from me? And will you hire all of my drivers?

We do not buy your cars. During our Implementation process our team works with you to identify those drivers that would be willing to become independent contracted vendors.

Does SDS Rx have a tool that will help me identify all the costs associated with running my own fleet?

Yes, our team has designed a tool and guide, it is our “Fleet Cost Calculator.” This interactive, customizable tool is designed to help pharmacies understand the true costs associated with running their own fleet. It forces you to think about all the line items when it comes to vehicles, employees, insurance, etc.

What type of scanning and electronic signature does SDS Rx offer?

SDS Rx operates on two distinct technology platforms depending on what type of software our pharmacies utilize. For both platforms we provide scanning and electronic signature capture for all items.

Do you interface directly into DocuTrack?

Yes. SDS Rx drives information directly into DocuTrack.

What can we expect during the transition?

We believe that mitigating risk through transition is a must. That is why our proven six-week, eight-part functional “Implementation Planner” allows for us to hit the ground running on day one of operation. Our expectation is to hit 99.5% of scanning percentages and 98.5% on “on-time” performance.

Who are your customers? Do you have references we can call?

Our customers are our best advocates. That is why we do not hand out references; we hand out our entire customer list to those that understand the value of our offering. We want our customers to tell you why they prefer SDS Rx to anything else they have done in the past.

What types of business does SDS Rx work for?

We only support the needs of long term care pharmacies, infusion pharmacies and wholesale pharmaceutical companies.

What makes SDS Rx different from the local provider vs. the big national provider?

Information is the key driver to our offering. We provide route optimization tools to help reduce miles of the delivery network. We utilize GPS with our drivers so we have immediate access to their location when you need them. We provide electronic scanning and signature capture which gives you a complete chain of custody to be used for audit purpose.

What type of driver qualifications do you require?

All independent contracted drivers that support our customer’s delivery network are subject to extensive background checks.

Does SDS Rx require drivers to be in uniform?

In order to enable your brand, our customers require all drivers to be in a uniform representing you.

How often does the SDS Rx executive team meet with their pharmacies?

Formal Quarterly business reviews allows us to review our collective results and develop 90 strategic road maps for success